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This website was created for you to get a bit more familiarized BVP Publishing House. 

The services we provide are for books, videos and pictures. Every book needs illustration design for your cover, art & ideas, and every artist needs a photographer to shoot footage of their work or to simply pictures of themselves for fun.

Well, we will meet that benchmark by providing all the services needed to help you with your projects.

For video's we create fun content and also edit using modern software but if there is somethting we can't do in our basic package, we will connect you with our partner's; consiting of a much larger team that can handle any project size for videography and editing.   

Books, Posters, Covers & Ad's


Connect with us to shoot and create your next magazine, book or poster cover; you will recieve a varity of proffessional photos to choose from with our standard silver package.



Get a documentry film, video interview footage, or a recording of your events with our gold package.

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  • Silver package is up to 50 photo's of professional shots or 1 book cover, 1 poster/magazine cover and 10 book illustrations.
  • Gold package is for 1 documenrty film or up to 4hrs of recording at your event with editied footage.

All other special projects are customized to suit your needs and prices will vary depending on the services provided. If you have question contact us here or to book now, visit ccc.entertainment.org 

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